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StudyForge began the summer of 2008 when an online school teacher and an animator decided it was time to upgrade their current Pre-Calculus curriculum. They began to write their own animation lessons and post them directly to their course pages. The feedback from students was phenomenal and so a pre-requisite course was launched the next year. In order to allow students in Pre-Calculus to see the previous year’s content, the videos had to escape living on static pages. So a software platform called StudyForge was born.

Fast forward a few years, and the StudyForge team has grown to over 10 highly educated math and science teachers who have authored over 3,000 videos, over 10,000 practice questions and over 5000 assessment items across more than 20 middle and high school math courses, delivered to students in over 150 schools across North America, South America, Africa and Asia through the web and on iPad and android apps.

And the original vision of providing access to previous year’s content is still intact, which means every user in StudyForge has access to every single video and practice question, all the time. The team at StudyForge doesn’t believe in walling off content from any user.

StudyForge is a non-profit organization who’s purpose is to fund it’s own innovation and development, and to leverage it’s curriculum and technology assets to support educational projects around the world, such as giving away our curriculum to township schools in South Africa.

Meet some of the StudyForge development team below.

Meet the Team

Staff member Chelsea

Chelsea Bitgood

Chelsea has been working with StudyForge since it's very beginning. As the first course author, she has been with the company since the summer of 2008. Chelsea holds a BSc in Mathematics and Economics, and a teaching degree with certification in both British Columbia and Alberta. Chelsea's passion is to see students understand math and be intrigued to dive deeper in the concepts presented. She has taught online since 2010 only recently stepping out of teaching to be able to help develop StudyForge into the curriculum and software platform it is and continues to be today. Chelsea lives in Red Deer, Alberta, with her husband and business partner Richard, and their 5 kids, Kaelynn, Ethan, Jachin, Aaron and Allyson.

Staff member Kenneth

Kenneth Bitgood

Kenneth has been working for StudyForge since its conception. He was the first animator and Flash developer. He developed the original StudyForge video player in his first year out of high school. While continuing to work at StudyForge, Kenneth completed his BASc in Electrical Engineering in 2014 from the University of British Columbia. After graduating, Kenneth has taken a full time position as the Lead StudyForge Software Developer. He lives in Coquitlam, BC with his wife.

Staff member Richard

Richard Bitgood

Richard completed his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia in 2006. He then started his teaching career at an independent school which led him to teach in their online division. From there, Richard, along with his wife Chelsea, wrote the first StudyForge course and Richard started his dream of developing the software for StudyForge. Fast forward a few years and we now have StudyForge and its team. Richard lives in Red Deer, Alberta with his wife and 5 children.

Staff member Titus

Titus Heckel

Titus is a teacher and curriculum writer with over a decade of experience in education. With additional skills in creative writing, Titus’ lessons show a unique ability to communicate mathematical concepts simply. He has a B.S. in Physics and a Master’s degree in Theology. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his amazing wife and two little girls!

Staff member RichardH

Richard Hewko

Richard Hewko has received a BSc (1966), PhD (1973) from the University of Alberta. He has taught (and research associate) at U of A, U of Waterloo, SFU,, Northern Lights College, College of the Rockies, and recently at Heritage Christian Online School. He has taught Physics (first and second year), Calculus (first and second year), computer science, Astronomy, Finite math, and Statistics. Also he was a Pastor at Sparwood Alliance and started the Christian Studies program at Northern Lights. He also has about 5 years as a Teacher on Call in various Christian schools in Dawson Creek, and Cranbrook where he has filled in for grades 1-12. He has never taught preschool or Kindergarten, however.

Staff member Ryan

Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston has been teaching math since 2011. He has a Bachelor of Science with Major in Math and a Minor in Philosophy from the University of Victoria. He also obtained a Masters of Pastoral Ministry from Carey Theological College. Before teaching math he worked as youth employment counsellor. He lives in Langley with his wife and two girls.

Staff member Heather

Heather Loenen

Heather grew up in Richmond, BC attending the Christian Reformed Church and school system. She began her post-secondary education at The King’s University College in Edmonton and completed it at UBC Vancouver in 1996 with a B.PE and B.Ed (Secondary). Heather taught various math and science courses at Edmonton Christian High, Living Waters Christian Academy (Spruce Grove, AB) and Heritage Christian School (Kelowna, BC) before moving to online teaching, where she has gone on to use her teaching expertise to develop online Chemistry and Physics courses.

Kelowna is home for Heather and her two sons, Alexandre (2001) and Dominic (2003).

Staff member Roberta

Roberta MacDonald

Roberta MacDonald received her degree in Physical Education from UBC with a Math minor in 1983. She then completed her diploma in Education and is a certified teacher in BC. She taught high school Math and PE for five years in Vancouver with a short stint in Port Hardy at the start and then “retired” in order to home school her four kids. She has enjoyed the privilege of working for HCOS as an individualized teacher since 2006 and now has the added privilege of writing online Math courses. It is her desire to see every student “get” math. She is thrilled to be part of the Math team that is developing math lessons using animated lessons and cutting edge technology.

Staff member Bruce

Bruce Merz

Bruce is a passionate and experienced educator who loves seeing students achieve to their potential and have fun doing it! He has taught nearly 20 years at the secondary and post-secondary levels and has worked for schools, districts, and government creating dynamic and award-winning curriculum.

His formal training complements his passions, with two degrees in education and two degrees in math (BSc Major in Math & Minor in Physics (UBC), BEd (UBC); MA Curriculum and Instruction (Gonzaga); MSc Mathematics (U of T)).

As an interesting note, when Bruce began developing for StudyForge, he was astonished at both the product and the possibilities. Having been widely regarded as an outstanding classroom teacher, he found StudyForge to be superior in many aspects. It’s slick combination of video, audio, interactivity, and functionality make it second to none. He considers it an honor to be part of something that has the potential to revolutionize math teaching as we know it.

Staff member Scott

Scott Newbury

Scott completed his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland majoring in Physics and Applied Mathematics in 2003. After teaching for a few years in Newfoundland he moved to Ontario in 2007. He currently teaches at Brampton Christian School but also helps in course development for Heritage Christian Online School, Study Forge and their Ontario partner, Nimbus Christian Education. He resides in Brampton, Ontario with his wife and two daughters.

Bruce Peers

Bruce Peers

Bruce has been teaching high school mathematics since 1994 and enjoys writing curriculum and yes, math questions. He received his Bachelor of Education with a Major in Secondary Mathematics from the University of Calgary and loves to teach, learn, and create anything Math. Bruce lives in rural Alberta, with his wife and three boys, and is an ordained minister with Fusion Fellowship. Bruce has a passion for flying and chauffeuring his boys all across southern Alberta for ice hockey games and tournaments from October until March.